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Prostodontics is a branch of dentistry whose objective is replacing a missing tooth or several missing teeth with new ones or making the whole arch of teeth. This can be achieved with mobile or fixed or combined orthodontic works.


Crowns and bridges (pontics)

At the Simić Dental Home fixed works are made from the best hind of porcelain with a gold base made from other metal or metal-free.(Metal or veneer can also be fixed onto the teeth or onto the implants). If our patients bone tissue has already been damaged , at the Simić Dental office they can have this tissue replaced by special pink ceramics.




Following the practice of the most elite surgeries in the world at the Simić dental office we use veneers (metal-free) facets are placed. Facets are placed on the external side of the teeth. For a facet to be made the patient has to have absolutely sound interior side of the tooth.




Superstructures play a very important part in solving the problem of damaged teeth. Different materials are used for making superstructures. The choice of materials depends on the kind of damage and the type of the crown which is to be fixed on the superstructure. Superstructures can be made of gold or other metals, of zirconium, plastic, heliodor or other materials.




Denture are made of high quality acril materials, with the base made of metal (continouns clasp) or without such base. The teeth placed in the denture are made from the best materials produced by the top world producers. They can also be made of porcelain.

„ My problems with dentures? Finally solved„

At the Simić dental surgery we carry out combinations of techniques concerning implantology- with total dentures- and in such cases where the retention of the total denture has moved or has failed. We build in special little implant for the stabilization and retention of the denture.






Attachments are integral part of combined orthodontic works. They are built partly into the crown and partly onto the denture. Attachments secure excellent transmission of food impaction. They are so hidden as to make inconspicuous the transition from the fixed partial denture to the removable partial denture and thus create an ideal asthetic impression.



Combined works

Combined works consist of linking the fixed crowns and the mobile dentures. There are exceptionally numerous possibilities for linking them and all those possibilities are at the patient’s disposal to choose at the Simić Dental Home.

If needed, a orthodontic treatement can be lenked with orthodontic works (moving of the teeth, rotation, lifting of the bite, closing of redundant and ugly interdental spaces or the creating of new and necessary internal spaces) or such a treatement can be also linked with surgical intervention(implants, freeing of teeth from over grown gym tissue, leveling of ridges)




Metal-free ceramica

There are different bases for metal-free ceramics. What kind of ’cups’ will be used depends on the indication. The cups used for front teeth is the thinest and the finest. The best kind are produced in Sweden.

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