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Street : Baba Višnjina 49
11000 Beograd
phone : 011.3449.459
phone : 011.3447.927
fax : 011.3440.327
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Street : Koče Kapetana 39
11000 Beograd
phone : 011.2444.164
tax : 011.2447.430
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Specialistic dental surgery "Simić" was established in 1984 bz dr Nebojša Simić and dr Vesna Simić. The offices are situated at 39, Koče Kapetana Street and 49, Baba Višnjina Street, Belgrade. At dental Simić Home you can have all types of dental treatement done by specialists who use the most up-to-date methods and materials.

Dr Nebojša Simić graduated from the Faculty of dental medicine, the University of Belgrade. He is a specialist in dental surgery and implantology. Immediately after completing his residency internship he started working and in 1992 left for Italy to spend a year there and receive advanced training in implantology. He is one of our first implantologists as well as a member of Council of the private Fakulty of dental medicine and the vice-president of the oral section of the SCG.

Dr Vesna Simić graduated from the Fakulty of dental medicine, the University of Belgrade. She is specialist in orthodontics, having received advanced training working for many years with the wored and domestic renowned specialists in that field:

- Prim. Dr Mića Stojković, well-known specialist, was the mentor of Dr Vesna Simić
- Prof S.W.Rosenstein, president of the American Association of Orthodonts, whose school she attended in 1988 and in 2003.
- Prof Hans Pancherz, whose school she attended in 2002. R.G.(WICK) Alexander in 2003.
- Prof.Dr. Nanda is one of the best-known lecturer and orthodonts in the world, who also mentored Dr Vesna Simić.




by Vladimir Marković


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