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Dr Nebojša Simić , one of the country’ s most renowned dental surgeons, and the owner of the Simić Dental Home, is engaged in oral surgery and implantology. In addition to teeth extraction, oral surgery comprises a whole range of other surgical procedures essential for dental practice.


Extraction of unerupted teeth

This kind of dental treatement is undertaken when the treatement with other methods(conservative, conservative- surgical) is impossible due to fuctional, esthetic or speech impediments etc. This kind of therapy is also used in orthodontic and protetic treatements.



Surgical treatement of unerupted or impacted teeth

At the Simić Dental Home we carry out of unerupted teeth and we use a special surgical method which is to place some other elements which will then help the fast and correctly quided growth of the tooth.




We can save the teeth which are already undergoing a disease process or the teeth with some other defects which cannot be treated by classical methods. We need these teeth in order to carry out other necessary functional prosthodontic works for the patient.



Removal of cysts and treatement of other pathologic processes

The removal of cysts and all pathologic processes on the soft tissues and bone structires (osseous tissue) can be done successfully.



Modeling of bone structures

Defective bone in the jaws can be treated surgically (by modeling, removing the surplus or compensating some parts with additions - fillings). The surgical treatement of the jaw bone ensures the creation of a regular bone ridge which in turn fulfills all requirementsfor the retention of mobile orthodontic appliances. Such a new bone ridge can carry the appliances more easily.



Surgery of soft tissues

We carry out various interventions on the soft tissues of the month cavity. Such surgical intervention must sometimes be performed for orthodontic, protetic or esthetic reasons.



Surgical treatement of periodontitis

JOne of the most important tasks that oral surgeons have is to treat and cure periodontitis. We can do it successfully by removing the processes which cause periodontitis and by eliminating pocket formations, by replacing the destructed osseous tissue with implants (recontouring the diseased areas with auto-transplants or with artifical materials or with the combination of the two methods).






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