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Specialistc dental surgery "Simić" has a complete set of treatments aimed at preventing dental caries, development of certain irregularities of teeth and jaws, affections of soft tissues and gums. With treir long-standing experience the specialists at the Dental ’Simić’.  Home have numerous patients who have healthy teeth and gyms despite the fact that they have periodontitis which our dentists are able to treat by making use of the best and most up-to-date methods and instruments. This we consider our biggest success in the prevention of healthy diseases.


Fluoridation of teeth

The Simić dental offices has made a computerized programme for fluoridation. To enter this programme the patients should first have their teeth fluoridized in our offices and than leave their phone number with us. The patients will get a sms for next fluoridation.

At the Simić dental offices fluoridation of the teeth is done with specila substances applied to the teeth. This treatement is done in 30 minute and it should be done twice a year.

If the patient’s teeth are predisposed to caries, the fluoridation has to be done several times in the course of 10 days.

All the remedies which are taken orally must be described by the dentist because the timing and dosages must be observed.



Sealing of fissures

It is a completely painless treatement. It provides protection against caries on specific predilectioned places of the teeth. We use up-to-date know-how



Polishing of teeth

"Simić" dental offices has a special compression apparatus which contains special polishing pastes used for cleaning and removing soft deposits on the teeth.



Follow-up on the change of milk teeth

Under a watchful eye of dr Vesna Simić any anomaly is this process can be prevented and treated in good time.




Regular controls and consultations with our specialists are free at the Simić offices. Close cooperation between the patient and the dentist provides an easy way to spot will on time all possible change that manifest certain dental disorders. This then makes it possible for us to carry out our work properly and easily. For the patient, regular controls and consultations may mean a painless, quick and easy treatment.






by Vladimir Marković


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